Maximum RW sandwich size


what’s the max sandwich size that RW supports? I am doing my store and now have 33 products in the sandwich with a size of 64 MB. I want to have at least 200 products


Doing support for Joe the biggest one I have ever seen was over 800MB. A big help, if it can be done, is to warehouse your images. Put them on your server and link to them, that will keep the file size down.

Hi Zebee,

I have done that - except for washing instructions (too troublesome to do this for constantly changing washing symbols) + size indications. What I have been thinking is to separate the store + products from “the static pages” (about, company, FAQ, help, etc.) and make 2 sandwiches with redirects to subdirectories. But I think google does not like that.

So, to be honest, I am really worried but I need to add lots of products that need descriptions including washing + size indications for each style. I plan to go live with my store next week i.e., to change from the present online store to the one I have been working on for about 3 months.