Microsoft Edge Beta for Mac

If you missed this you can now get a beta version of the new Microsoft Edge for Mac. It’s Chromium version of Microsoft Edge. The production version is only available for windows 10 right now.

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It’s very like Chrome, which isn’t surprising. At least it works, which is more than one could really say for IE. I prefer Safari myself. Edge takes up 290 MB of disk space. You might think that was typical MS bloat but Chrome takes up 414MB. Firefox takes up 194 MB and Safari a mere 21MB! All figures based on what they are on my iMac.


What ‘you’ chose to use to browse the Internet with is up to you BUT as a web builder you should do everything in your power to test your sites on all platforms and browsers.
Having what will hopefully be the predominant browser on over 70% of desktops (Windows) run on MacOS will be a boon for testing.

The Windows version of Edge will have an IE fallback mode builtin so really old intranet sites will work and with luck we’ll finally see the back of the IE app for good.

Don’t dismiss MS simply because it’s fashionable, this could be one of the best things that’s happened in webdev for a long time.


I’ve already had a problem with one stack not working properly on Windows/Edge. I didn’t check it on Windows/Edge at the time and only found out when it was reported to me - Developer sorted it and it now works fine, A lesson learned check it on all platforms / browsers!

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