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I’m a newbie. For the mountain theme is there anyway to change the size or position of the navigation on the banner. It’s great on laptops but not so good on mobile – see screenshot. I could of course have fewer pages unless it can be changes master style/ inspector. I’d imagine there should be a fix give the tool is designed to be responsive to mobile, pad, laptop. Any pointers appreciated. Thank you in advance and apologies for my naive question.


On the simulated for iPhone X is looks like this (but the real demo was on an Pixel XL).

Same problem here. On smaller devices a part op the menu is behind the Title and can’t activate the lower links.

Same problem here, too. It looks to me as if it is not a problem with title and slogan being behind the menu.

It looks like a JS code bug inside the theme. The usable menu depends on the available screen size when toggling the menu open on a smart phone. In portrait mode more items are selectable than in landscape mode. The bottom 20% or so of the screen is not selectable. You can see this also if you resize a regular browser window to the size of a smart phone. Then you see the mouse pointer change from selecting hand back to arrow just over the bottom menu items.

A fix of the theme would be highly appreciated as I am using it in a current project and the customer likes it…

Perhaps @ben can have a look for you. I think he is in charge of the delivered themes. He would probably like a URL to a test site, and/or a project file.

Thanks. No problem, I could send @ben a PN. However, I don’t think it is specific to a site. Simply use the Mountain theme with a dozen or so of (Sub)Navigation entries and try to select the bottom ones on a smart phone. It won’t work.

Just posting here doesn’t always get errors addressed. There’s lots of posts and I think stuff falls through the cracks, so I’ve found it best to send an email to with as much as you can give them like URL, project files (a link to a Dropbox type file) and a link to this post.

Same problem here only got 4 pages and the hamburger menu drops behind the main tittle and makes it unreadable.

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