Multiple H1 tags

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #21

Always good to double check the own code…

I am already having an article Tag as outer element, and inside different section tags to seperate the header from the body.

So all good from Poster Stack side :+1:

(Paul Rowe) #22

Hi Jannis

Great feedback thank you !!

Just so that I am 100% ‘crystal clear’ I believe what you are saying is that because Poster Stack by its very nature has the and tags embedded in the stack, it is possible (even desirable) to have an H1 Header in both the "Summary’ and ‘Main Content’ areas ??

(Paul Rowe) #23

I should have also added for each Poster Item ?

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #24

You are able to define the headline of the Poster Item to be a h1-h6 header. You are able to define this differently for list view and detail view, so that you would have a h2 headline in list view and a h1 headline in detail view. This headline is in the main / body content section of the Poster Item.

As above, you are already able to define this.

Desireable: I am not able to tell you if a h1 headline is better than a h2 headline.

Beside this, I am constantly improving meta tags etc. on Poster Stack in regards to SEO.

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