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Could anyone advise me whether the H tag is automatically created in Rapidweaver perhaps from the browser title.

And if not, if there is a plug-in which creates this essential Google aid.

Or do I have to create it manually and place it on each page. If so is there a guide on how to available!?

It depends what theme you’re using. We can’t help without a link to your website.

Not sure if this is what you are asking for but…
If working in a stack or plugin that uses the standard RW “Text” block/container you can easily apply H Tags. Have the text area active and then click on “HTML” at the bottom of the window. There you will see Heading Tags 1 thru 6. Just select the text you want the tag applied to and select the appropriate tag from the HTML dropdown.

You can also see if there are any “H” tags applied by viewing your source and searching for <h1>, <h2>, etc.

Hi There

Thank you for the prompt reply. This brings up another question. if I follow the HTML H1 route advised it is visible as text in the website pre-view. will it also show when online?

I am trying to improve my SEO rating. how does the H1 process differ from

The ‘Title’ setting in ‘General settings’
The Browser title in Inspector > meta data.

or ‘Title’ in ‘override default settings’

Thank you


At the moment, your theme uses the Site Title as the H1 tag on every page, which is quite common these days.

Myself, I prefer to be able to set the page H1 title on a page by page basis. You could make your own H1 on each page as Greg mentioned above. This would mean at least 2 H1 tags on the page. Some people say it’s not an issue now to have more than one H1 tag on a page, but I don’t think anyone knows 100% which is the best way.

You can on a page by page basis overrider the the “site title” as well as Slogan and footer:

This would give you the unique h1 on each page and only have one h1 per page.


Many, many thanks, I will try that!

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