Multiple select image radio buttons

So I am working on this tarot reading project and when you get to the part where users are asked to select ten cards, is there a way to have these card icons toggle like radio buttons so that the user is forced to make ten selections. If they start making selections, there should be a counter to show how many selections they have left. The activate button on the bottom shouldn’t show unless they have made ten selections. If they click on a card they have already selected, it should unselect and the counter will update to reflect how many cards are left to select. If they try to select more than ten cards, an alert message should appear telling them that they have reached the maximum number of selections and if they want to select a different card, they need to unselect one of the already selected cards.

If you look at this image , you will see from the instructions at the top that the way I have it now is really clunky.

Is this doable?

  • Frederick

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