Nav bar not rendering correctly in preview

Hope someone has the answer - when previewing my site the Nav bar renders incorrectly. “Tabs” should be in the magenta bar at the top - instead they are in the content area. I am using the Split theme. When I preview in specific browsers Safari, Firefox, Chrome all render correctly. Vivaldi renders as the preview does. I am using Rapidweaver 7.1.0 - however this problem has been present under previous versions. It just finally bugged me enough to have me ask about it. Have uplaoded screenshot (if it works - have never done that before).
Thanks in advance for any help

This is happening because you have too many links and not enough room, so it gets pushed below the logo

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Strange - in the past, using the same set-up, when I added too many links, only one or two would be kicked down into the content area. And why does it render correctly with most browsers but not in preview, or in Vivaldi?

OK - got it figured out - I had both RapidWeaver and Vivaldi displaying sidebars with tools - when I go to full screen everything is as it should be! Thanks Robert for the hint about too many links - that got me thinking.

Glad to help you out. The only issue about this, people on smaller screens, like a laptop, might see the same issue you see in preview. As to why it happens now and not before, not sure.