Need help with Source's Vista Class


I have done my best to follow your instructions on Vista. Really good course! However, I am pulling my hair out over implementing the LL Menu. I cannot get the Home, Features, or Deals to “light up” for me. I have watched the video numerous times and believe I have done everything you suggest. Clearly I am missing something. Please advise if you are out there. Here’s a URL to my project file.

Removed the link per request…

Thx for any guidance you can provide.


BTW, I have also watched Tav’s videos on Limelight and haven’t found anything that helps.

Hi @drsdayton

I think you just haven’t added a link to the added text. If you highlight the text then you will be able to add a link via the little link button in the Stacks text box. This should all definitely be covered in the videos.

Let me know if you still have trouble.


Thank you Stuart. That got it. I wasn’t highlighting the text before creating the link.

Next question. I don’t seem to have the Social Icons Stack as part of my Source installation (I do have the premium install…). Where do I go to pick that up?



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When I made the video I didn’t realise I hadn’t included those as a template. There is a link to download it on the page (or page after) the video where the social grid is mentioned.

Let me know if you still have trouble.

I can’t find that. Can you send a link to the page?

In the Limelight section. On the Navigation page of the Vista project sub-section there is a link to ‘download a partial that is used in this video’ (or text similar to that).

Got it! Thank you Stuart. :+1:

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