New Fine Shine stack by Stellar Stacks

Fine shine is basically a super cool header stack where the eye catching-ness is supplied by a powerful shadowing effect creating the illusion of the text shining. We think that used with sensitivity and in the right project this would look sensational! Take a look at the demo page to see what we mean!

Input box for the text to be displayed.
Text size control.
Font selection control.
Text color control.

Choose from ‘autoshine’. ‘mouse follow’ or ‘static’ effects.

You can check it out here.

Nice work, Stuart, that certainly is a fine shine!

Thank you, Sir.
To be honest I’ve been hooked on subtle shadow effects ever since you released your “Five Shadow Thing” stack, which to this day, I would regard as one of the top 10 stacks ever released :smiley:

Top 10? Please don’t think I’m biased but it’s a well documented fact on the internet that FiveShadowThing is the best stack that has ever been made. (And just between you and me, stack supremo Joe Workman actually begged me not to release it in case it put him out of business. I refused, of course — and look where the poor guy is now!)