New Improved Quantum Edge


The New Improved Quantum Edge

Amazing New Prices, Incredible Value!

tl;drEasier. Faster. Cheaper. Better. This new version of Quantum Edge has been totally restructured and repriced to make it far more focused, easier to use, and a whole lot cheaper.


When I released the original Quantum Edge in September I got a lot of very positive feedback — but I also got a veritable quarkload of constructive criticism from both regular and potential customers!

In essence, they said Quantum Edge was just too big, too complicated, and too expensive.

And in retrospect I can see they were right. So I’ve made some big changes. I’ve now restructured and repriced the module packs so that the whole project is now far more focused, easier to use, and a whole lot cheaper.

New Structure

Its new structure is now like Duck Soup, with five module packs — Azimuth, Orbital, Qubit, Spectra and Subshell — each of which contains five pages of modules. You’ll find many of these modules have been improved in the interim, with added variations and animations, and there are also some completely new modules.

New Pricing:

With the new structure comes new pricing: you can now buy each module pack individually for $29.99, or the five-pack bundle for $79.99.


What You Get

The QUANTUM EDGE Project Accelerator bundle contains 5 Module Packs with more than 200 time-saving Style Modules. Each Module Pack comprises 5 pages of preconfigured and fully-responsive designer modules, packed with highly detailed features, multi-functional panel, section, and card modules, replete with pre-configured effects and animations.

The main benefit of these modules is the amount of time they will save you in creating stylish websites where your content really stands out. Clients will love you for it, and also for giving them such affordable quality fast.

Highly Versatile
Every element and child stack in every module can be easily copy and pasted, mixed and matched with every other module in the whole Quantum Edge — and even Duck Soup — collection. This is a huge feature that will truly accelerate your workflow. It also means almost endless possibilites and drag-and-drop instant style and sophistication.


Do you have pre-sales questions or would like to find out more? Get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you. Want to learn how to use and make the most of our modules? Find out more about our free live Support sessions every Wednesday at 5.00pm GMT.

And one more thing:

Introducing our new Duck Soup Special Offer — the whole bundle now only $49.99!

As always If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here or ask me directly. I look forward to hearing from you.



I’m now lucky to have both versions of Quantum (purchased complete original) as @Marten_Claridge gave a free copy of version 2. So what do I think is best? The quick answer is that you get a huge lot of bangs for your bucks in both versions. At this moment I prefer the original and that’s because I’ve spent more time attempting to modify sections, cards etc for my own purpose - and I’ve got to say I could not have got the results without these many templates. Some results of the very complex sections/modules I’ve saved, after modifying, as Partials).
So far I really like the Orbital structure best of Quantum Version 2 - probably because I’ve yet to explore the others.

I think Marten is correct in changing the pricing - but I would have left Quantum as was, because I find it easier to get what I want in the original.

These offerings are just great for those in the community who may be lacking in design capabilities, because product one can get stunning results using only one or two brain cells.

I’ve had Duck Soup since its birth and compared with other projects I’ve purchased there is mountain of great ideas incorporated - at the new price its a bargain.


Legend… So much work in this… Bravo!


I can honestly say that I learned more about what was possible using RW (and the BWD stacks) from Duck Soup than I have from anything else. $49.99 for that collection is an absolute steal.

And really superb value for Quantum Edge (which is equally awesome) now too! :+1:



I concur with all thats been said before - I’d just like to add that for any new and potential customers that are considering a purchase of any of Martens modules, do not overlook the fact that FREE WEEKLY tuition is also baked into the pricing - cant say i’ve seen that offered anywhere else !!

Truly amazing craftsmanship.


I don’t want to step on Marten’s toes but I have had free hangouts every Friday for 4 or 5 years. :wink:


Hey Joe

I did not appreciate that your Hangouts were designed as tutorials - if they are then I stand corrected - my comment was not intended to be a negative comment nor was it directed at anyone specifically, it was a comment simply to praise Marten for his hard work and commitment to his modules.


It was not taken as negative at all… Marten has done a great job and deserves all of the praise. :slight_smile:


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