New site launch

Bit of a ramble coming up…
I was bereft of inspiration when I started this site so I looked at the @hipsterweaver themes that I’d got during his Xmas sale and found his Quad theme ( I really liked the reversal of content and menu he’d got going but I needed 6 sections instead of the 4 he’d provided for so I started modifying (in my case butchering) his setup to achieve what you now see.
I think I’m safe in saying that little or none of his original remains but, and here’s the point …
I had nothing and Jon’s theme/project inspired me to create what I did. These projects are a goldmine for ideas, you don’t have to use them exactly as provided, you can rip and tear and copy the heart out of them to provide you with the foundation for your own unique thing.
Thanks Jon, you saved me :slight_smile:


Looks awesome!

I agree that much of the value I find in projects come from learning how to do things (not necessarily using the project as intended) or mixing and matching components. For example, I’ve used the Vortex menu a few times, but never that project as a whole.

Just the right mixture of simplicity and sophistication. I love what you’ve accomplished!

This is a story I hear quite often. Having a site in front of you instead of a blank page can be most valuable and can be an inspiration. Projects also allow you to concentrate on the design and not the mechanics of web design.

Hipster projects are always great and this site is a Big White Duck tour de force. Grande job Paul…

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