Newbie: 2nd Subtitle = invisible why?

2nd Subtitle = invisible why?

Something wrong here?

PS: Now I actually could set a H3, but what did I do wrong in the first place?

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It’s hard to say without more details. From the screenshot I can’t see any reason why this content would not appear.

But I can think of about half a dozen ways to make that content disappear that wouldn’t show up in that screenshot.

  1. Perhaps you have set the responsive behavior of this stack to be invisible on the desktop.

  2. Perhaps the theme’s CSS or custom CSS is hiding this element.

  3. Perhaps that screenshot on the left is showing cached content.

  4. Perhaps there is HTML/CSS that has been inserted in one of these stacks that has a syntax error and is causing problems.

  5. Perhaps there is content pasted from outside RapidWeaver that is causing problems.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. When things are misbehaving, the problem is not always something right on the surface – sometimes it’s something a bit more esoteric. So it’s best to provide as many details as possible.

If there is ANY custom HTML/CSS on this page whatsoever then that’s really the first place to look. If are having similar problems to these and you have custom HTML/CSS start by removing it (just temporarily) to see if it changes anything.

A screenshot is an excellent start – it eliminates a lot of possibilities right off the top – but some of the properties of the stack in question and the surrounding stacks (if they are anything other than the default) would definitely help too.

Try eliminating a few of those points, and if the problem still persists, post a few more details and we’ll go from there. :smiley:


Yes, probably this: the responsive behaviour of this stack was set as invisible on the desktop.

Thank you!

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