Occasional tutoring. To Stacks or not to Stacks

I made my mind about the translation of a RW6 web page www.northernrock.org with a Nick Cates theme to a RW8 page that include the old content + a new one that I wanted to add to my original page. And the decision is
a.) to start a RW8 page from scratch with, exclusively, the new content
b.) when done and it will be up and working, then add the content from my RW6 webpage.

To setup the frame, this will be a one shoot page, updated only occasionally, and in consequence, if I can avoid buying Stacks, so the best. I need the page to be bilingual, but, being a static page, I do not mind if I need to have two interlinked webs, one in English, one in Spanish. With that in mind, I tried to give a try to Mountains theme, and, although results seem promising www.northernrock.org/bigdata (the zen garden is there because I wanted to see what the “Site Logo” did, so, just forget it), this theme lacks (or I am unable to find) the possibility to resize the banner to 1/3 or 1/4 vertical. I am then considering the possibility to use a commercial theme in which I would be able to play with the size and reframing of pictures, let them be the Site Logo, or any other.

As a conclusion, what is the opinion of the readers about to stack or not to stack and what Theme you recommend in which the banner can be resized. Maybe with Stacks I can resize the banner, and I can use Mountain Theme and there is no need to answer the second question :slight_smile:

Hi Carlos,

I do not know the Mountain Theme, but there are several themes that let you decide the size of the banner. One I used myself was Navigator. Just set the height of your banner image in advance and it will show as such. So, if your image has the size of 1200 x 600 px, the banner will have a height of 600 px. If you import a banner image of 1200 x 300 px, the banner will have a 300 px height.

Stacks4 is an absolute must have. It is the base to run any other stack.

Furthermore, if you make multi language sites (most of mine have 3 languages) it might be worth buying the RWML Stack. Search engines such as Google don’t appreciate same sites in one language and then copy the site and translate it. The search engine will consider this as 2 different sites. All languages should be incorporated in one unique site. But if you don’t care about SEO, you can consider your approach.

Hope this helps.


Might have a look at this post, if you want to resize the banner on Montain

Hi, Hans, thanks for your answer! An additional question, if you don’t mind, of course I can check it, but sure that you know the answer RWML stack is additional to Stacks4 or it replaces it?

Thanks, I was planning to ask you about this response you wrote :), but I will check the post you suggest

. In any case, I need to check where to add this code.

That can be confusing, all stacks (like RWML) require the stacks plugin(stacks 4).

This is CSS so it goes in the CSS section of the page inspector(for a single page) or the sitewide code CSS section for sitewide changes.

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