Other Tags usage

What’s the purpose of Other Tags and how should they be used? Specifically, is the actual tag the Name, or the Content? And what’s the purpose of each?

There are a number of “standard” HTML5 meta tags that can be used. Some examples would be:

  • keyword
  • author
    In addition to the description and generator ones that RW will create for you.

In addition, the standard allows you to create anyone you would want to use for special purposes.

Anyone can create and use their own extensions to the predefined set of metadata names

Keep in mind this is metadata only. The end user will not see these tags. So unless you have an internal reason to use them, they probably will prove little value.

I have discovered Indexer from Stacks4Stacks and it seems to have the ability to create a powerful database on a flat-file site… kind of the best of both worlds. I just need to know the difference between Name and Content, as I haven’t seen that distinction before on other site-builders I’ve worked with. New to RW.

The name in the field in the Rapidweaver meta tags would be the name used on the meta tag. The content would be the content.

Sounds simple
to generate a meta tag like this:

<meta name="author" content="John Doe">

The name would be author and the content would be John Doe


Got it… thanks, Doug!

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