Page without the white box

(Stephan) #1

Hello folks

and now a little question.

My site is It shows the typical white box in the middle of the site.

Can I create a site without this box like this page and what do I need for this .
Another theme or no stocks or what ?

My site is made with the IRIS Theme from Nick and with Stacks.



(Rob Beattie) #2

Iris isn’t really designed for effect you’re after. The closest you’ll get to it is to use the Vignette layout option.

If you like Nick’s themes, take a look at Clearing which is close to what you’re after.

Or maybe something like MDD’s Endeavour

Or 1LD’s Coutoure theme.

One of the devs has also produced a photography theme based on Foundation or Foundry but the name escapes me. Sorry.


(Jan Fuellemann) #3

For Foundry go to gor prebuild themes- they are really good!