Payloom 3 & Blocks 3.4.7 & Blank Theme 2.1

I am currently building a new website using RW6, Payloom 3 and Blocks 3.4.7 (etc.), but am having a problem with loading the page featuring Payloom 3. The specific page: The RW theme is Blank Theme 2.1. I am also receiving the following pop up message in RW when attempting to load the Blocks page featuring Payloom 3: ‘Some Files are Missing This page is missing some files and may not be exported correctly. Please adjust your page settings, or contact the vendor of the “Blocks” plugin for help if you are unsure what to do. The following files are missing:


I have just emailed Yourhead with the problem but would be grateful for any guidance,


are you sure you are using Stacks 3, as the latest version of Stacks 3 is 3.0.1, not 3.4.7. Also, Payloom 3 is in beta and you should really contact Yabdab about this issue, since it is a beta product.

Using page-blocks to import content from one page type to another is very nice – but I’m afraid the reality is that it doesn’t work with every sort of page. The more complex pages from 3rd party developers are less likely to be compatible.

In those cases it’s really best to stick to the layout that the original developer intended – for something like PayLoom – where money is involved – I think that recommendation applies doubly.