Portable document saved as folder - can't open

I have a medium size website that I saved as a portable document in iCloud. The file was saved as a folder. I can open it on the same computer that I used to save it using Recent file list, but when I try to open it remotely on my MBA it doesn’t recognize it as a RW file. Should this have been saved as a Package? How can I open the File/Folder? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

If it doesn’t recognize it actually as being an RW file, that suggests that you don’t have RW 7 installed on your MBA, doesn’t it.

I do have 7. I don’t know why it saved it as a folder but I was able to convert the folder to a package by adding “.app” as an extension and then changing that to “.RW” What was really odd thought, was that after quitting RW the file was deleted. Thankfully I backup!


The RW 7 Projects which I have (successfully) converted to Portable all have the extension .rw (lower case) and have the new blue and yellow (Finder) icon for 7.

I’m sure RealMac will be able to help.

You might also try creating a test project on your MBA, saving it as a Portable Project and looking at its full filename and extension (Cmnd I, or ls -al at the command line) and seeing if you experience the same failure to recognize when transferring the other way.

Good luck!