Possible to change name of resource folder?

I’d like to hide files that are in a ‘members only’ section of a website. I’m using Sitelok to protect the pages. Sitelok has the capability to redirect links if the files are hidden in a special folder named by the Sitelok application. It would greatly simplify things if the resource folder could be renamed to that special folder name. Otherwise, I’ll have to recode the RW generated links each time I add or change a link and separately FTP the files to the specially named folder. Needless to say, it sounds like a recipe for “out of sync” problems. Any thoughts?

@quietchat, Did you figure out how to do this? I also have a members only page on the website and use Joe Workman’s page safe. I tried using JW’s pdf embed stack but it doesn’t work on iPhones and iPads since they can’t scroll to pages 2 and 3 of the pdf file. It works fine on a laptop or computer. To fix this for the iPad and iPhone, I added a regular link to the pdf file.

Now my question/problem is this: The pdf file is in the resources folder of my RW project. So does that mean it really isn’t protected by the page safe page? Is there another way to keep the pdf file that is for members only protected?

I just reread some older posts concerning this problem and was reminded that I need to use an .htaccess file and maybe a robots.txt file. These files are not ones, I’ve used before and I need to read up on them AGAIN! But is that the only way?

I don’t think JW’s page safe would protect any assets (PDF’s, images, etc.) on your site, but limits access to the page only.
The original post was about SiteLok that I believe offers a “protected directory” where you can place such assets.
\So to answer your question you would need to use something like a combo of .htaccess, .htpassword and robots text file or something like SiteLok.
You might want to check out this video:

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