problem with podcast radio

Hi, I state that I’m new and I don’t know if it’s the right section to post my problem. I’m creating a site for a podcast radio, and I was asked to insert a button on the home page that says “listen to our radio”. up to here there are no problems, the radio site provides an ebled and everything works perfectly. the problem occurs when the user changes page that automatically the radio broadcast (in case it is a replica and not a live broadcast) starts to broadcast from the beginning. How can I make it so that changing the page transmits it that the user is listening not to interrupt and continue its programming. I hope for your help. We thank you in advance and best regards. Edoardo.
P.S. I use version 7 and not 8.

Do you have a link Edoardo?
I’m sure they’d be someone on here that could offer some advice.

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