Questions Regarding Installations & Licenses

Hello Community… About a month ago and after much research, I finally embraced RapidWeaver and several third party solutions to get things started. As my schedule did not permit for me to dive in at the time I am finally getting around to installing and configuring my workspace. I have a few questions below.

  • RapidWeaver 6
  • Stacks 3
  • Foundation Theme & Add-On Packs
  • TotalCMS
  • Target
  • RW/Writer & Blog Service

Q1. What is the Foundation theme “FoundationRTL” for?

Q2. JoeWorkman stacks and themes have a little different installation process. Should I just click the installer and all is good?

Q3. Some of the JoeWorkman dmg Resource folders have additional files in them from that of other stacks. Are these being installed and what are they for?

Q4. While RapidWeaver 6 and Stacks 3 both have serial numbers, which they require for installation, other stacks and themes such as JoeWorkman’s come with a serial number but don’t seem to require it, e.g. a “License required” prompt when using for the first time. Am I missing something or is this just for support purposes?

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  1. FoundationRTL is for Right to Left languages

  2. Open the DMG, double click the installer and it will install like a normal installer… other devs do this too! Note that with Joe’s you can open all his dmg files at once and click the installer once to install all dmg’s…

  3. They are not being installed, often have sample projects, other resources, a weblock page for support, other documentation/assets/etc as required for the item. If you need them, just drag to a folder and you’re good to go with the resources…

  4. TotalCMS has a licence that you apply once you assign it to a domain after your 30 day trial, it’s in the docs :wink:


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Thank You Brad… Your reply is helpful and appreciated.

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