RapidBot, how do i register?

Hi, following on from the plug on the recent Podcast i purchased RapidBot2, i also recieved an email containg my License and instructions telling me how to Register.

But i dont see a Register button anywhere ?

Can anyone help please, preferably somebody who has already successfully managed to register the PlugIn with the License file !


I just double-clicked the email attachment to register my copy… @timmytoad

Edit: Incorrect Info here… Alternatively, I think you can add a RapidBot page to a project, go to the inspector with the Plugin selected (the page) and go to the About tab and register it there by copy and pasting your reg code that came from email.

Registration is done through the RapidBot page you add to the project with the upper right button as per the instructions below

More info here


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@Turtle Hi Brad, thanks for your speedy response, the trouble is in the Email it specifically says that I shouldn’t Click on the attached License file !!

> PLEASE NOTE: Do not double click the attached license file. From the plugin window, press the “Register…” button, then drag and drop the license on the window that will appear.

> If you have problems registering RapidBot with the attached license file, click on “Register using license code” in Registration window and paste this code:

As i havent got either of those options, i suppose i shall have to simply use it in a project, i might then find it is already registered.


@timmytoad, yup I was going from my old memory and the ram is going bad :wink:

I followed the instructions I linked to in my edited initial response, remember to restart RapidWeaver after installing the plug-in then add it to a project then register it.


Yay, @Turtle sorted it now, thanks :slight_smile:

I found it was already registered , i must have done it without knowing :slightly_smiling:



Good @timmytoad, current version is at 2.5.2 (104)