Rapidcart Pro and Webhook how to?

To get ridoff the ghost-payments with Rapidcart pro (people make their payment via a Dutch payment-provider but don’t use the “further button” to go back to the Rapidcart-shop) It must be possible to create a WebHook that sends the order-confirmation directly to my emailadress even if the customers didn’t go back to the shoppingpages they came from.

I don’t know how to use or create the webhook. Rapidcart has this function included but i don’t understand the user manual.

Can someone help me or explain how to do??

I think you asked the same thing here?

Tagging @rob

Your right. Thought this question would be better in the Rapidweaver section. Hope someone could help me quickly with this annoying problem!

Webhook sends raw order data to a given URL.
In order to handle data and perform some operations (like sending email, store details in database or update data somewhere) it requires some programming skills.
Otherwise you can use Integromat.

@rob I’ve tried and installed a working webhook in Integromat. It cost some time to understand the site and now the webhook is working!

The only minor problem is that it doesn’t solve my problem with the Mollie iDeal payments.

It the customer is directed to the Mollie Payment provider from Rapidcart and makes his payment right and turns back to my website everything is fine. Is he NOT returning after his payment to the origin website (my webshop running Rapidcart) i will NEVER get the order-confirmation in my inbox. Instead i will receive the payment on my bankaccount without any order-information.

Still need help !!

Unfortunately this is due to how Mollie works. Customers must go back to your store to confirm payment.

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