RapidWeaver 7 BUG - Alpha Channel not supported in Main Content or Sidebar Images

(Jeffery Taylor) #1

RapidWeaver 7 v7.0.1 - placed graphics w/alpha channel are being rendered as “solid”.
Graphics in content area as well as sidebar are affected in the same way.

This version is NOT ready for prime time! Please FIX This ASAP?

(Karen Sutton) #2

@jTaylor I agree… it should of been beta for us, here we all are trying to use a new version, paid money for it and wasting our time. I am on vacation in Hawaii and wasted hours on it… only having to end up uninstalling it. :grimacing:

(Jeffery Taylor) #3

As of this writing RapidWeaver 7 v 7.0.2, the aforementioned BUG has NOT BEEN FIXED.

Ugh! Horribly frustrating.
RapidWeaver 7 is still just a promise, not a reality.