Rapidweaver hangs on manage bookmarks

I have an issue support has not been able to help me with.

In a previous version (5,6?), I tested a site on a local machine, “Kims iMac” from my Powerbook, I guess (yes that long ago).

I deleted the bookmark later, and the machine has not been running for some years.

I have since had a number of Macs, transferred everything via Time Machine or similar and am now on an M1 MBP.

Since then, whenever I open “Manage bookmarks”, Rapidweaver will hang for about two times 30 seconds, telling me that there was a problem connecting to the server “Kims iMac”.

The server and site is not on the list of my bookmarks, so it is not possible to delete, and deleting preference files and caches have not helped either. I would really like to have some help finding the file to edit or delete.

Every time I have to go to a server-related entry, I have to wait a few minutes and press okay two times before getting to the bookmarks. My customers and friend have always looked at me when it happened, asking me how I can use that kind of software, and why I don’t fix it, but luckily it is more or less a one time job pr. site.

It is of course more a basic annoyance that I have learned to live with, that occasionally is driving me mad, each time I run into it. Like today, when I decided to write here about it.

(yes I was in contact with Realmac Support in 2019, but never got a usable answer, and they never got back to me, perhaps being stunned by the issue themselves.)

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