Rapidweaver - Tracing a background image

I made a web site design in photoshop and want to paste a jpg of it as a temporary background in Rapidweaver so I can “trace” it to get the positioning of the text, photos, and spacing to match my design. Is there any way to do this in Rapidweaver? Thanks in advance

Are you building a static site? If not, things will move in a modern responsive site. - Just an FYI…

I’m making a responsive site but I just want to first get the design setup how I want it to look on a regular web page.

My opinion is there is no such thing as a “regular” web page. It will be viewed on different sized phone screens, different sized tablet screens, different sized laptops, different sized desktops, TV’s, assistive devices, etc, etc. Sites are now primarily built to work somewhat well on all these…

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I meant a regular PC not web page

Do you know if I can temporarily place an image in the background to trace regardless of the final size it will be?

No way I’m aware of

Sure, you can make a screenshot of your Photoshop design and use it as a background of a blank theme in your RW design, but how is it going to help you make a proper website design? As others explained, all sizes will change according to the size of your device and browser window. Colors will also be slightly different.

The screenshot will show static sizes and proportions while a website design is free-flowing (responsive). In my opinion, you should abandon the notion that you can exactly replicate your Photoshop design in a web design application. Instead, use your Photoshop design as a reference only.

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Thanks Rob D you have been a big help :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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