Recommendations for Domain Registrars

One of my clients needs to renew their .com domain and so I’m wondering who RW community members recommend. He’s been with Network Solutions and they want to charge him $36.99 per year for a five year renewal. And I’m pretty sure that does not include private registration, so it seems to be quite a high cost.

I’ve been using Namecheap for years. $10-$11 for new domains and renewals. Live chat support too.

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I’ve used Hover for a couple years. No complaints — from the guy who likes to complain about everything :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yep Hover. I have used them for years as well.


I also use Hover - no complaints

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Not a high price for 5 years .com As far as I’m aware nobody does much discounting for long term purchases in the way they used to. Also, renewals never get the discounts that you might get with initial purchase - maybe this is why it seems pricey. To compare, I just looked at a 5 renewal with Fasthosts and its around £55 + Vat

You sure that’s per year? That seems really high even for Network Solutions, but for five years that seems low.
.com shouldn’t be more than about $15 a year for renewal. I just do mine through the hosting company I use for that site. Dreamhost is $13.99 per year for .com renewal. They don’t seem to discount that for multiyear.

I had a client with network solutions. They aren’t great, for sure.

I use Google Domains. Good pricing, domain privacy at no extra charge.

It does seem like the multi year discounts are a thing of the past. But $184.95 for 5 years seems way excessive. Now that I’ve done a little research, most places seem to run between $12 - $14, and most include private registration.

Yeah Doug, his invoice shows $184.95 for 5 years - hence my question here.

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Thanks Chet. Google seems to be the lowest by $2-3, but all the places suggested in the thread are much better deals than Network Solutions - about 1/3 the price.

Thanks everyone for all the help and suggestions!

+1 for Hover (as well from me too)

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A2 Hosting… $14.95 / yr (US) for domain registration and renewal. They have hosting packages the are as low as $100 (US) / yr…
Been using them for 8 yrs, excellent hosting and support.

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