Recommended MacBook Pro Battery Seller in UK?

The battery on my 13" late 2011 MacBook Pro is in need of replacement.

Does any one have any trusted/recommended laptop battery suppliers in the UK to suggest?


try OWC. Other World Computing

Thanks but just realised I forgot to say UK based.

I bought from iFixit recently. The first battery (I thought) was faulty so they sent another. Turns out it was a weird fault in the MBA, which I found a workaround for. I explained this to them and expected to have to pay to return the first, but they said just keep both. They are not cheap, by any means, and I personally believe they use the exact same batteries as the cheaper sellers (perhaps with better QA), but their aftercare is far better so IMO worth paying the extra for.

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Thanks, will have a look

They ship to Malaysia so I would assume they would send to UK

I would also recommend ifixit. Very quick delivery and helpful instructions and videos. I bought from the UK website, but the battery kit came from EU.

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Went with SubTel in the end. Not quite as high a capacity as the iFixit battery but price and warranty were a lot better (3 years and 5200 mAh for £30 v iFixit’s 1 year and 5510 mAh for ~£80).

Will see how it pans out in the longer term.

Thanks for all the recommendations!