Remove Ecwid Thumbnails?

Hi guys,

I am trying to remove the Ecwid ‘category’ thumbnails from my show ‘home page’ while using stacks.

I think this option is very easy to do when you use a Ecwid page as your shop, as If I understand it right you just toggle this option on and off.
However if you build your Ecwid shop on a stacks page the ability to turn this off is not easy.

Any help would be most welcome.
Im using the Foundations theme.



This is Anastasia from Ecwid Support team.

Generally, you can hide category thumbnails in your Ecwid store with the following CSS codes:

.grid-category__wrap-inner {
    height: 30px;

.ec-size .ec-store .grid-category__image {
    display: none;

You should add the code to Ecwid control panel > Design > click on the “Edit theme” or “Create Theme” button > Put it at the end of your current theme. Don’t forget to active the theme and save the changes.

If you want us to prepare an instruction on how to hide category thumbnails for your store, please, send a link to your store to We’ll check it out and get back to you over the email!

Have a good day!

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Hi @Dreadas,

Couple of questions:

What are you using to display your Ecwid store in your stacks page?

What exactly do you want to display from the Ecwid store on this page? Your entire catalog of products, single products etc?

Let me know so I can try and help



Thank you Ricardo.

I have now solved the issue with Ecwid support.

For further reference if anyone is looking to remove the category thumbnails and titles from the homepage of your shopping cart when using Stacks to build your Ecwid store. Contact support and they will remove it frome their end.

Hi @Dreadas,

Yes, I understand how to do it by adding CSS to the Ecwid Store.
However, that blocks your ability to enable the category tiles in another page of your website if you’d so desired. It was for that reason that I was asking, so you could control it from your end…

Check out my shop demo at:

It’s done with RW and my ECwid stacks, which can override many of the dashboard settings on the fly. Although this project requires UIKit3, the Ecwid stacks work in any stacks page, and framework (Foundation, Foundry, Platform , Source etc).



Aha I see, Thats really cool.
How do you achieve that?

Hi @Dreadas,

I created a set of Ecwid stacks (and more to come) for RW and the Stacks, that can change/override many of the store’s default settings. For this project I used UIKit3. But will soon make similar projects for other frameworks, such as Foundation, Source, Platform.

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