Replacing direct install of RW with SetApp install?

(Barrie McDermid) #21

I think this model (App Store included) is on its way out. There are some fantastic apps on there, but nothing startling has appeared there for ages (remember the impact of Clear).

Decent and functional apps are steadily increasing in price and remember the MacUpdate/Maczot deals? They just aren’t really there anymore.

Maybe things are looking up for smaller devs?

(Barrie McDermid) #22

Do Apple do any marketing? I’d imagine that would. cost a bomb too?

(Doug Bennett) #23

When I said some of the marketing by Apple, its things like the “Editors Choice” or “Featured” and “Top Charts”. For some apps(like Affinity Photo or Designer) that generates a lot of sales.

(Barrie McDermid) #24

Ah yes. Those apps along with logic and final cut seem to be keeping the App Store going.

(SF) #25

That’s interesting to hear. I’ve been debating moving to Settap, especially with RW8 coming out shortly, but the reality is, I own most of the useful apps, or have other versions. (I don’t need FTP, I’m a Panic Transmit user for life…), I’m sure I’d try Canary, but I’d go back to an app that supports spam sieve natively in a few weeks…

There are some really great apps on there, but I own them already. And with a lousy conversion rate from CAD to USD, it’s cheaper for me to upgrade what I need, rather than move to Settapp. But I love the convenience idea, and I love the idea of testing lots of different apps. But that’s where the appeal ends.

Thanks @dan for letting us know about the income. It further solidifies my recent decision to buy the upgrade rather than go the Setapp route. Supporting great Mac developers should be important to the community.

(Terry Norton) #26

Well, it seems I’m the odd man out. I really like the subscription model of Setapp. Rapidweaver updated slicker than snot.

Setapp isn’t the only subscription service I use. I also use Allegorthmic service for Substance Painter and Designer, and the subscription service for the Unity game engine. Cost wise it’s a wash. The good part is software is always up-to-date without licensing hassles.

Setapp has introduced me to apps I never considered before, such as Ulysses which has now replaced Scrivener.

My view is if a service makes my life easier, then I’ll use it. Sure, anything can happen. Setapp could fail just like any other service or company. I could also die in a car accident. However, cars make things a lot easier, so I risk it. The worst that can happen with Setapp is it ceases to exist resulting in the need to go back to manually upgrading. I’ll risk it.

Took me quite a while to even try Setapp because I was stubborn. Damn human nature. Now I wish I had subscribed earlier. So far Setapp is still around, so I’m good to go.

(Isaiah Carew) #27

OK, I’ll be honest: I did NOT expect RW8 to show up in SetApp. That deal is a little too good to be true. Wow. Pretty much pays for the subscription right there.

The only downside I can see is that I kind of feel like I’m robbing Realmac (and Bjango and a couple of the other anchor apps that cost more than $20). Maybe I should just subscribe to SetApp and buy a RW training course to make up the difference**. :smile:

But, yep, I’m with @1335Days – I didn’t expect to be a subscriptions fan – but here I am a SetApp subscriber for over a year now. And no intention of canceling any time soon.

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