Replacing direct install of RW with SetApp install?

I finally took the plunge and subscribed to SetApp. Now, before I make any mistakes, is there any procedure I need to follow to replace my direct licensed RW7 install with the SetApp install?

Is there any good reason to do that? Saving disk space isn’t one…

I would leave RW7 alone, RapidWeaver 8 (probably later this month), will have a different filename, so you can have both on your Mac at the same time. I would assume the SetApp version would look to import add-ons from the direct purchase. But I don’t have SetApp so that would be a question for @dan?

That’s the main reason I’m asking before installing RW from SetApp. I don’t want a reconfiguring nightmare to develop.

Disk space has nothing to do with switching to SetApp. Updates will be automatic and I won’t have to deal with licensing RW, or any of the other apps I’m replacing as well.

I just did this myself - moved to the Setapp version. The only thing I needed to do was move my stacks and themes in the “Application Support” library to the Setapp version, as they save in different “containers”

  • the original version saves in com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver
  • the Setapp version saves in com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver-setapp

Just follow the path and drag and drop all your stacks/plugins/themes etc to the new folder that is created

As to why I did this - Setapp pays the developers of the applications you actually use, that’s how they divide your monthly “membership fee” up. As I use Rapidweaver daily, RealMac might as well get a bit of it!

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Excellent, just the info I’m looking for to prevent unnecessary headaches. Thanks, Raimo

@instacks - i subscribe to SetApp. i do it because there are a lot of smaller tools i use on my mac only infrequently - i can’t justify buying every one of them.

SetApp allows me to fund all of these developers a little bit. that way i get access to Marked, iStat Menus, Gifox, Expressions, and RapidWeaver. and it gives me full freedom to explore a bunch of other apps that i might otherwise skip over.

i was given a free month or two at the beginning of SetApp during the beta period. iwas skeptical at first, but it grew on me. as a developer i do worry a bit that it’s not funding developers enough – that it’s too cheap – but as a user that economy works exactly the other way: it seems like a steal.


I see the reason in SetApp, no question in that.

I don’t see a reason in replacing my running and licensed RW7 installation with the SetApp version.
You never know what will happen in half a year and you decide to not use SetApp any more. Then you have to switch back to the standalone version.

Just my 2 cent :wink:

oh… yeah…

I kind of have to run all of the versions of RapidWeaver all of the time – so switching doesn’t really phase me.

I don’t know if the old adage exists in German, but in english we have: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

On the other hand, I sure do like the managed app experience. It’s very nicely done. And it works even for things that aren’t plain vanilla apps. For example: iStat Menus is more than just a simple app. It needs to install the app, a background daemon, an “agent” to collect data, and the “status item” – the menu item itself (as an aside… iStat and the guys at Bjango are the very best).

When you uninstall iStat, it also removes all those bits from the hard-to-find places. I suspect Bjango also helped to make that perfect – but my point is that I don’t know of another app store or similar thing that is doing the job so well or so completely.


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off topic… went and looked at SetApp apps… found HazeOver - It’s AWESOME! I run two 27" screens and things do get “bright” at times with both monitors having large open "white’ windows… :slight_smile:

My eyes are going to love HazeOver…

I now return you to the topic of: Direct install of RW or SetApp

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RE: SetApp… do they tell you what happens if a developer pulls their app from the service? Do you wake up one morning and find that the app you use every day is gone? I can stand having an eBook or Song pulled from my library without notice… but an app? I don’t see this issue addressed in their FAQ. I’ve submitted a request to setapp asking this.

please post the answer you get I was wondering the same thing.

Also concerns me the part about “paying developers based on used” posted above. If that’s true, they would have to “track” and report back? What if you’re not on the Internet? What data are they tracking? Is it anonymous are they selling that info about you?

I think the migration process to and from the various RapidWeaver installations (direct RealMac purchase, Apple AppStore, and SetApp) should be documented on the knowledge base. @dan This would be great information with RapidWeaver 8 coming for folks who may wish to change their purchase method.

Hey Guys,

If a developer pulls an app from Setapp, the version you are using is still available all the time you have setapp installed but you won’t get any updates to it and if you move to a new Mac the app won’t be available.

If Setapp goes away or the app gets pulled you could just buy it then, although your investment will then be more, I guess the good thing is this gives everyone more choice…

If you use RapidWeaver via Setapp we only get a few bucks a month, so it’s not a great deal for us and just something we’re testing out right now. in short, don’t rely on this method, and don’t be surprised if it goes away one day.

This should be straightforward, I’d suggest putting you add-ons in a custom location (It’s what I do). This makes it super easy to run multiple version of RW (7 and 8), as you can just point them both to the same folder.

I store mine in ~/Documents/RapidWeaver Addons/

I’ll look at adding some info on migrating between versions to the Knowledgebase :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.



@dan My concern would be if an app is no longer available, even separately. (ie: Developer stops selling the app.) If I purchase the app I at least always own and have the app. I can use it up until it will no longer run on newer OS or hardware. That could be a really long time. But having never tried SetApp I could be completely wrong with this concern.

that’s what i was afraid of. :frowning:

i really don’t like things were the developer gets hurt, just for a price break. it’s a short-term win for consumers. it ends up killing off small developers (like me).

i hope SetApp fixes their model for developers. if don’t, despite liking the mechanics of the platform, i don’t think i’d be able to keep supporting them.

MacPaw (the guys that run it) are probably between a rock and a hard place: raise the price and no one joins the service. lower the price and starve developers.

i guess that’s a reflection of the App Store dominated world now. what a bummer.


That would be great, you might want to somewhere in the knowledge base post the different locations for the addon folder for each version of RapidWeaver. That question comes up a lot in regards to updating and things not getting copied.

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@teefers - I heard back from SetApp (macpaw) today. My question was:
What happens if a developer pulls an app?

The Answer (paraphrased):
1.) If not installed by the subscriber it will no longer show up on the available app list.
2.) The current version will remain usable for those who installed the app.

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I always try to purchase software directly from the developer if they offer it. I know the app-store model is more convenient in a lot of ways for the end users. I prefer the developer get all the money. Since there’s always a few apps that you can’t get on the App Store, you need a way to keep track of that registration info anyway.

Apple kinda set the bar when they first introduced the App Store concept by taking a 30% cut off the top. Some developers prefer to only offer apps this way because Apple takes care of all the administrative stuff and at least some of the marketing.

Just my two cents, while I was unsure of Setapp at first, I subscribed mainly for Rapidweaver, because I wanted to give it a good try. It’s been great! and I am using a few of the other apps as well now. Hopefully, it will work for developers because it works really well for the user.

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