RW6 and Player Stack No Longer Seeing MP3 Files

RW6 and Player Stack is giving me a problem.

Resources no longer sees my MP3 files, these files are greyed out

My Player Stack no longer sees my MP3 files, these files are greyed out.

I am using the current version of RW6 and Player Stack.

I use an IMac OSX El Capitan 10.11.3

My Player Stack version is 1.3.2

My Rapidweaver version is 6.3.7

Any Help would be appreciated

I have no idea what’s going on with Resources but I always warehouse my files. I think the way RW is built is if you move things around a bit from hard drive to hard drive, maybe even to another folder, RW can lose track of some resources. Someone else may have another answer and approach.

But … to keep my own sanity I started always uploading my media stuff (images, sound, video) to some other source: Flickr, Vimeo or YouTube, and sound I often just FTP to my hosting company. Player (Will Wodgage, I’m assuming) will work perfectly fine with full URLs to the warehoused location. Short of your hosting company experience a nuclear disaster you “stuff” will never get lost or disappear.

Just adding to my original post.

I work with a colleague who I am teaching to use RW6 and they also are having the same issue.

No files have been moved from the original location they were in when being used with RW6.

This bug appears to have happened with the next but last update of RW6

What happens when you try to re-link them. Do they stay or disappear again? Never had this issue except when a folder has been moved or renamed - Resources is no good at keeping track.

Tried relinking and they still don’t show.

I have used the Resources for some time now with my MP3’s without an issue till now