RW6 exporting is very slow


I am working on a genealogical project site.

At the present moment I have 42 pages including sub pages in my project.

I am using RW6, Foundation, TCMS, and Sitelok.

For publishing I use Cyberduck via FTP.

My problem is that when make a total export (Shift + Alt + Cmd + E) it takes hours to export, even if the only change I have made is to duplicate a page. And when I export a single page (Right click the page and choose Export Page) it takes up to 15 minutes to export this single page.

I am working on a MacBook Pro with 8 MB RAM and lots of diskspace.

Am I doing something wrong, or is there something I can do to improve this poor performance :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.


Even 442 pages shouldn’t take more than a few minutes - actually to export… from your RW project into your designated Export directory alongside it; that’s what you mean, isn’t it?

What do you see in Activity Monitor?

When you say 8 MB RAM, it’s actually 8 GB, isn’t it?

Hi @MarkSealey,

42 pages - not 442 pages :slight_smile: But yes I mean to export single pages and the whole project to my export directory.

I see nothing remarkable in the Activity Monitor, the Mac has lots of CPU and memory available when it is exporting.

And yes of course - It is 8 GB RAM.

Something is deffinatelly amiss, I can export my site around 100 pages in about 2 mins.

I would contact RM support maybe send them a copy of your project.
I would also make sure you have a backup.

How large is your project file?

The project file is 63,7 MB.

I think I will find my way to RM support @swilliam

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Not terribly huge, mines around twice that size.
Yea, somethings not right.

@peterkroman My guess is your project file is pretty darn big. I typically make websites that are around 40 pages long (for courses) and they typically come in around 13-15 Mb. My guess is you are using Resources a fair amount for images/video/audio. Or, if not, then something is definitely amiss.

It seems that RW7 will handle resources much better. Have you considered warehousing some of your images? (BTW, I don’t know the cause of the size so that may not be the problem.)

Hi @Mathew

I am warehousing most of my pics. I don’t have any videos, and I don’t have any audio on the site.

I have some pdf files in pdf embed, but they are basically warehoused as well :slight_smile:

I don’t know what is going wrong here. But I have another problem which might have something to do with it. As mentioned I am using TCMS on selected pages, and after I started with that the Preview is showing a h… of a lot of code, and absolutely no preview. Se the attached.

Don’t know if there could be a connection there?

Example of Preview of a page without TCMS:

Example of preview of a content page with TCMS (this screen shot is taken a little further down the page, and the funny thing is that I don’t have any videos in this site at all):

Are you using PlusKit with import() statements?

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No - I don’t know PlusKit.

Can you enlighten me @instacks :slight_smile:

If you don’t know it, you don’t use it - so it cannot slow down the export (which can happen, but must not) :slight_smile:

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@peterkroman I have no idea what is happening in your case. It seems like you don’t use, or you warehouse, media that would account for a lot of the size of your project. My guess is TCMS may be adding a lot of size to your project file. I don’t use it: and it may be completely normal that it adds this additional size. I simply don’t know.

The preview showing all the code can happen if there’s a lot of PHP which is likely in this case. How does it all look when published: that’s the bottom line.

You may want to contact Joe about this. I’m not sure the problem is related to TCMS, but it’s at least useful to eliminate possible causes.

Thanks @Mathew

Right now I am trying to send the project file to RM support. Perhaps I should send it to Joe’s support too :slight_smile:

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When doing so, please archive the project file and put to dropbox or other sharing service and send the support emails the link not the actual project file as most of them don’t accept over 1mb data files…

Just an FYI

Good idea @Turtle

My maili working overtime with this large file right now :slight_smile: I’ll try the other way at once.

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