RW7: Odd mouse behavior

(David Freels) #1

I’m using a Logitech M720 mouse that’s always been a fabulous complement to my MPB running 11.6. I’ve set a couple of RW 7 shortcuts on the M720.

However, if I now use the M720 on RW7 the scroll speed slows to a crawl. Opening System Preferences and/or the Logitech Options app immediately resolves the issue in all apps—until I scroll over RW7.

This issue started after upgrading to RW8 and converting a RW7 project file.

The converted RW8 project file wasn’t the newest version of the project.

I closed RW8, then opened the original project file in RW7 to confirm the RW8 version wasn’t the newest version of the project.

That’s when the mouse issue started.

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