Shadows stack - version 2


The second version of Shadows stack was released.

In short, added new shadows and improved the previous ones. Extended shadow settings.
All innovations or changes can be read on the stack page, and there you can see all the examples.
18 types of shadows and bonuses.

Those who bought the first version earlier can upgrade at a discount.

Questions or suggestions?

I sent the form from Wondrousss site and got this in return???

What is this…have they been hijacked? @Wondrous

It’s none of our business but I can’t help but wonder what you put in your message to illicit that response.

Is it not slightly more likely that your message may have been a without context or perhaps a little vague, rather than the site having been hijacked (by someone still thoughful enough to reply to form enquiries)?

It’s also possible that your message suffered a language barrier…

Could be…But I thought I would get a response from wondrousss!

From their site: For those who bought the first version of the stack, you can buy the second version with a discount, the discount code is sent to the email. If you have not received such an email for some reason, please contact me by email or in the PM on forum, specifying the email used when purchasing the first version.

People, those who bought this stack in the first version, were sent an email with the code to the email with which the purchase was made. Try looking in the Spam folder.

P.S. Maybe sometimes it’s better for me to write in my own language, and you yourself can make the translation using any online translator? :sunglasses:

That’s some novel idea! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Aren’t you using an online translator? How would it help if we had to reverse this process and use an automatic translator ourselves? I don’t get it…

Look in your email for “Gumroad.” Also, look for Wondrouss and Wondrouss.

In email and on his web page he spells Wondrous differently: Both Wondrouss and Wondrousss.

The upgrade price is $6, but I don’t see much additional benefit to Shadows 2 over Shadows 1.0.7 (the latest version).

Shadows 1.0.7 has 16 options. Shadows 2 has 18 options? This is a marginal gain at best, hardly worth the $6 upgrade cost–when I paid less than $8 to begin with.


David, see the new page of examples and the description. And then, it’s up to you, of course, to update or not.

About the name, then PM write to the link where it says two letters “s” at the end.

If there’s such a huge difference between Shadows 1.0.7 and Shadows 2, why don’t you take your time and go to your web page, get those differences, and bring them back here, and point these differences out to us?

Why not create a comparison chart?

Instead, you’re forcing all potential buyers and re-buyers to go to your web page and waste our time searching for the marginal differences between the two versions.

The #1 benefit of RapidWeaver is found in its name: RapidWeaver.


RapidWeaver is faster, quicker, easier to use. Wise developers capitalize on that benefit by developing products that save time for end users, and never waste the time of end users.

The first version is not available. And no one is forcing anyone to buy. If you were sent a discount code, does this mean that someone is pushing you or forcing you to buy?

Not true. Shadows stack

Besides, you’re missing the point dude. We can’t see the difference between Shadow 1.0.7 and Shadow 2. I don’t see any value to upgrading.

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