Shortcut to Find/Open Folders

I love “Chuck” (it appears “Chuck” file launcher is no longer in existence - it now appears to be a mail utility of some kind) which is/was a simple file launcher.

I’m looking for something similar for folders. Is than a Mac utility that will learn folder names/paths and allow you to enter name into a textbook to go to and Open the folder?

I have something working with Keyboard Maestro but it requires the creation of a one line macro and “shortcut” for each folder. How good would it to have a “Chuck” or “Alfred” that opened folders? :slight_smile:

What I have working now is “Chuck” to launch apps with a text shortcut entered into it’s hot-keyed dialog launch box. I setup some Keyboard Maestro macro’s to open a folder based on a text shortcut. This text can be entered anywhere, thus, I also use “Chuck’s” Hotkey dialog box to execute my Keyboard Maestro macro to open folders. It’s works great but, as said, a macro has to be created (and path given to folder) for each and every folder.

So… are there any good “Folder” app utilities available? A google search doesn’t turn up much.