Site wide width setting in RW8

The old RW 7 had an ability to set a site-wide width.

Is there such a thing in RW8? Has it been deprecated? What’s the best way to achieve this in RW8?

Where was that then? I thought things like that were set by individual themes.

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Actually, you may be right! I may have got confused with the styles setting.

I’ve just double-checked with RW7 and you are correct.

Scratch that! Site width is a style setting in the theme.

It just goes to show that you shouldn’t ask questions after a long day!

Going from the fact that site width is determined by the theme. How do you set this for Foundry and Foundation?

Found this in Foundation under “Site Styles”. Cannot find it in Foundry. Where am I not looking?

That should be in the main Foundry stack, though Containers and some other stacks have a max-width setting built in as well.

Edit: I think I’m wrong, actually. The width is not in the Foundry control centre, but it is in the Container stack

Or use the banner stack if not using the container stack. The videos on using foundry cover the use of setting the site width to fluid or fixed width using containers or banners depending on the type of page you are building.

i’m very new to this but loving the options available for site widths and backgrounds that can bleed to full width of the browser window with the website contained in the middle to a set width.

Thanks @jabostick and @Pyrobrit

So in essence you place a container and set it’s width and place everything else inside.

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