Solved:- Can someone help with some CSS please

(tim parsons) #1

@nickcates Hi I am using the Forward Theme, i cannot get the Menu colours how i would like them, maybe one of you kind people would like to help ?.
I cannot find the Colour settings i need in the Master Style anywhere.
I have asked Nick Cates about it as well, but i guess he is busy doing good work elsewhere.

I have Four items in the Main Menu, the colours i have for these are what i would like for the two drop down menus, that is all it is.

For example, when a parent link is clicked, the sub menu pops down, hover over the links the Black page name changes to White, which is good.

But what i would also like to happen is the background colour change to Red.
It is probably easy for you chaps, if someone could give me a clue please i would be very pleased.

PS. i would also think that the Parent Page Link in this screenshot should have a Red Background ? it doesnt look right, how it is ATM.

Later:- I have figured out, the answer must lay in here somewhere

nav.theme ul.l1 > > a, nav.theme ul.l2 > li, nav.theme ul.l2 > a,
nav.theme ul.l2 { background-color: #BFD2FD;  }


(scott williams) #2

did you get it @timmytoad?
Is it this?

nav.theme ul.l2 { background-color: red !important;

(tim parsons) #3

Thank you @swilliam
Thanks Scott, I hadnt been able to figure it out, i shall try your suggestion in the morning just as soon as i can :blush:


(tim parsons) #4

Dam me (pardon my french) @swilliam that made no difference at all !

Thanks for trying anyway, i am suprised i cannot get the effect i would like from the Site Styles colour options.


(scott williams) #5

I will try to have a look at your actual page later today @timmytoad, SIteStyles? Are you using foundation/topbar?
There is a setting in the TopBar - TopBar styles that controls hover etc.

(tim parsons) #6

Sorry @swilliam but i am using the Forward theme from Nick Cates.
I have used Foundation but have found that a tad too complicated for my limited skills :wink:

If this challenge is deemed to be to diffiicult, i might give up on the idea and just be happy with the Page Links changing from Black to White.

Let me know what you think buddy.


(Stuart) #7



nav.theme ul.l2 li:hover {
    background: red;

(tim parsons) #8

@kryten Hey Stuart that is spot on thanks :slight_smile:


(Nick Cates) #9

Should be the color selector, Navigation Sub Background

(Stuart) #10

Huh? It was in the theme options all along? Timmeeeee!!! :slight_smile:

(scott williams) #11

LOL go figure

and the rest of the 20

(tim parsons) #12

@nickcates @swilliam @kryten OOP’s you will all be pleased to know ?, that I have now gone into hiding, attempting to make another Masterpiece, still using the Forward Theme :slight_smile:


(Stuart) #13

Haha… No sweat buddy. Keep on at it :slight_smile:

(LabCoat Guy) #14

@nickcates In your Forward theme, as in the example you’ve made here, is there a way to make just one item in the drop down menu a different colour? Could the one page-link here titled “Untitled Page Copy Copy,” be made brown (or any other colour) and all the other links in the same dropdown be remain the same blue? Is there a way to do that–no matter how difficult? Even if it had to be hand-coded, is there a way to do that? Thanks.