Spacing in Lander
Hello, I am using RW 8.0.3 and the Theme is Lander.

I am struggling to create even spacing on the page, I do not have a stack installed as yet. I have attached two screen shots, one of the finished page and the other of the work page.

Any suggestions are gratefully accepted.


Looks like you are adding an extra carriage return between some items which is why you’re getting the bullet point between lines. To be honest, the Styled Text page isn’t very good at bullet lists and you may be better off using the included Markdown page.


## Here's a heading
- First item
- Second item
- third item
- Fourth item
- Fifth item

would produce the markup in Markdown to give you a header and an unordered list beneath it.


Thank you @robbeattie! I appreciate your prompt reply and good suggestion. I will try that, for sure.
Have a great day!


Cheron Long-Landes

Cheron Dearle Holistic
A Softer Way of Healing

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