Sparkle trashed my RW6

(Alan Shulman) #1

Following a routine update to my website, Sparkle suddenly appeared and automatically updated something – trashing RW6. Had to reinstall RW6 from a backup and it trashed it again. Updated to the latest Beta to fix. Is Sparkle damage limited to just RW? Or should I reformat my entire hard drive and reinstall a backup? Experts: please advise!

(Nik Fletcher) #2

It might well be that RapidWeaver prompted you to update, and it was installing a RW update?

Which version of RW are you using? 6.3.8 launched today.

(Alan Shulman) #3

6.37 was the version I had.

(Nik Fletcher) #4

Which version are you using now?

(Alan Shulman) #5

None. I am restoring from a Time Machine backup. It has 6.37

(Nik Fletcher) #6




(Alan Shulman) #7

Was the Sparkle update automatic to the next version or malware?

(Nik Fletcher) #8

We don’t have any automatic updates to RapidWeaver. The only case in which an update would be installed would be if a prompt appeared in RapidWeaver, and detailed the version that is available to be downloaded and installed.


(Alan Shulman) #9

Looks like malware then. Good thing I am restoring.

(Alan Shulman) #10

Looks like your update was a bit late for protecting us.