Squarespace transfer

Hello I’m trying to transfer my Squarespace website over to rapid weaver by copying the code but can’t seem to get the pages linked together except for the home page I’m not too knowledgeable in code so some help would be greatly appreciated

Hi @libri

I don’t think copying the source code of your Squarespace site would be the best option.

You have to consider the following:
Accessibility - when you want to update, you’ll have to read/edit code
Scalability - adding new pages would be a pain (you’d have to update nav structure in each page’s code
Files - Squarespace hosts files, so you’d have to establish links to stylesheets, scripts, images, etc

Is it impossible? No. Is it a good idea? No :wink:

Fast forward - RW does all of this, automatically, so you can focus on building your site. :slight_smile:

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