Squeezebox for Foundation, Foundry and UIkit

Squeezebox is a portfolio stack with nice motion effects, thanks to the use of lightweight CSS animations. Squeezebox has three separate modules: the landing page intro, the items slider and the content areas.

Included in the package are ready-to-use projects for Foundation, Foundry and UIkit. More details here:


I have seen it and I loved it from the beginning. Now, dear community, Lucas needs some feedback to make a great product even better. If you use it, you see a slider displaying the projects.

I for my part would love to see a grid here to display the projects all one the page without the need to scroll left or right.

So, please add to my voice here and kindly ask for a grid in addition to the slider!



Great stack, just in time for a new project!
On the contents page are you able to have a full width (edge to edge) layout?

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@Fuellemann nice one :grinning:

@rolisize this one is easier to accomplish, compared to Jan’s. I’ll add it to list for the next revision.


This looks great, nice overview video as well @Lucas

Is it possible to put a squeezebox inside another squeeze box? For example for a small real estate rental site could I have the the types of property (Studio, Apartment, Cottage, House) then have a selection of the specific property types inside of those?



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Thanks @mark
I’m afraid one Squeezebix inside another is not possible :roll_eyes:

Thats fine Lucas, still think I can make use of it.

Or maybe create a separate stack that just has a grid portfolio without the splash page option perhaps upgrading your rapidgrid stack?

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Yes, I am more looking for this than a splash page!

I’m playing around with squeezebox, liked it at first sight.
Have made some requests to @Lucas and got the answers from @Lucas

  1. option to style the navigation arrows (size and boldnes) > might be in the next update (can’t wait)
  2. option to place an external link in the Squeezebox item container > not possible (only in content area)
  3. option to equalize the Squeezebox item/box > not possible (would break the layout)

That would make all much more flexible but sadly not an option.
I won’t give up on request 2) and wonder if there is not an option to override this with some CSS or a button within the content of the Squeezebox item.

Also wonder if the requests from @Fuellemann and @rolisize are still on the drawing board. (even more flexibility)
And if anyone has build a website with or containing Squeezebox and could share a link to get inspired.