Stack-Its 2021 Black Friday - 🎉

I can’t believe it’s that time of year again - Happy Holidays Everyone !


I’m having a Sale on my biggest product EasyDB (for powerful dynamic content) & a little teaser:

• Buy EasyDB & FreeForm Pro for $10 Off + get the New Dynamic Content: Backup Stack for FREE ($20 value) : You SAVE $30 ! :tada:

If all goes well - the new Dynamic Content suite will launch in the next few weeks as well, but Backup will never be free again.

A little about Backup:
Everyone wants to protect their important database data, but getting a backup when you wanted it is often out of reach for most servers. They usually do backups, but on their schedule, which may not be right for you. Dynamic Content: Backup allows you to do backups on the new Grid & Layout Pro on your schedule and before any updates are made and even allows you to automatically manage the backup rotations that are stored on your server.
• Specify any table names
• Minimum time between backups
• Maximum time to keep backups on server
• Only backs up when someone begins to edit

This sale is through Friday November 26th & discounts will be applied in the cart - no coupon needed. I will send you Backup manually in a separate email.

Please consider making a purchase, as you will get free updates to the new stacks :turkey:


Thanks all - Happy Thanksgiving !



Now all that is missing is a link to the offer :slight_smile:

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@Fuellemann Thanks Jan, more info and a link - I’m getting so absent minded in my old age :wink:



Hope everyone has a Great Thanksgiving - Just working away on some new goodies today for you guys - it’s looking really good.



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