Stack to create overlap?

I’d like to have some large buttons below a banner, and have them partially overlap the bottom area of the banner.

I saw one thread in this forum regarding this, and Joe Workman’s “Target” stack was recommended—but I went to the page and the demos were not there. Big White Duck also has a “Boxxer” stack mentioned on the BWD website that appears to create overlap, and the site says it comes with the ProStyles stack, but it didn’t come with my download and I can’t find Boxxer available for download.

Any recommendations?

BluePrint from BWD can do overlaps.

I have never seen a BWD stack called Boxxer before.

The ProStyles are a separate download and can be used to control many aspects of various BWD stacks.

The Target stack demo page does seem to be broken. I have used the stack many times, it is excellent and will do exactly what you want. Of course you have to pay for it whilst the BWD stacks are donation ware.

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That’s helpful info Jon. Thanks!

Try DooBox here
Their stacks are simple to use and always effective

Perhaps you mean Sections Box ? It says that it requires the ProStyles stack, not that it comes with it. Never the less, @jspencer2 's answer is correct, BluePrint One is the simplest way to do it.

Sorry, it’s called “Boxxed” on their site, not Boxxer. Here’s the Boxxed page where it says “BOXXED comes with the ProStyles stack and is available free from Big White Duck…”

I guess Sections Box could be an update of the “Boxxed” stack, but the controls don’t look the same.

How on earth did you find that page - I’d totally forgot that it existed. It is now gone.

Needless to say, I must apologise for the confusion but that is indeed what became BluePrint ONE so above advice still stands.

I Googled “overlap stack rapidweaver”, and the Boxxed page was the third result in the list.


Thanks for your help!


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