Starting Fresh... Deleting Content Within Existing File Ok?

Hello RWers-

I’m finally on RW6. So far, it really feels a lot more snappy and fresh. I like it.

But, I’ve been working on the same web site file since 2008. I’m thinking of starting fresh and new (new content, theme, etc…). But, I have to preserve paths, file names, etc…

Thus, 2 options:

  1. Create and entirely new RW file and re-create all the pages. I would manually enter in all the paths, file names, meta-data, etc… This would be very fresh, but also introduces the possibility of user error.
  2. Keep the existing RW file that has all the pages in it. Go into each page (~20) and just delete all the content (including any CSS, etc…) and then just change my theme and start over.

My question is… any opinions on which option is best. I’m leaning towards option 2, but is there any chance of old crufty code being left behind? Leaning towards 2 because this preserves all the blog posts.



Option 3, the best, is to duplicate the file and then follow steps 1 or 2, either way is a lot of work, but as path preservation and filename retention is an important aspect, I would do Option 3 then 2.

After duplicating your project file, move the duplicate to a completely new folder, rename it 2016_MySite or whatever you like and start working on it there from there.

This way all your resources stay the same, you can switch Themes with ease, all your filenames are intact all your page names and data are intact

Hope that helps

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Sweet. Got it. I’m over protective of file preservation so yes, I will indeed duplicate, move, then go with option 2. Also, the more I dug into the file and the dependencies, the more option 2 looked liked the way to go.


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@wphall, awesome, the only other things I suggest (if you haven’t already):

  1. Make sure you’re using Stacks 3.0.3;

  2. Update ALL your stacks to most current version (LogHound stacks and plugins seem to have to be done manually from their site if you use them);

  3. Update all your Themes (if Not using Waterfall then make sure to visit each Theme dev’s site to get the latest version (typically done by logging into their site and referencing your account purchases), note that some Theme Dev’s do not support Waterfall);

  4. Make sure to update all your Plugins.

Then commence rebuilding you site content from the duplicated project file.

Good luck and keep us posted.


Thank you @Turtle. Very helpful.

Anyone have an opinion on the built in sitemap generator vs LogHounds SiteMap Plus? I have a license to SiteMap, but not sure if that transfers over to SiteMap Plus.