Swatch placement strategy Foundation 6

As with html code in general , css declarations occur together
what about with Foundation 6 ?

presumed within a group container

each page , first page , as needed ?

best stratigy

Sorry. I am not understanding your question.

Where are swatches best located ?

In demo a container was labeled hero within which a swatch stack was named the same and filled with what I call “declarations” …F6 stacks with charictistic of round shape and a small slash at bottom. all of which share the same class. I got impression that aforementioned hero container was not absolutely nessecary but certainly creates order. …

maybe i’m answering my own question … place cluster “declarations” in one location so you know where to make changes, could be site wide or a special group specific to a given page.

correct ?

I would recommend keeping your swatches in one place. You could move those swatches back up into Site Styles. However, this is new to even me. Therefore, we are still developing best practices. Over time the number of swatches that you have may grow to be too much to handle inside Site Styles. You could then group swatches in some sort of logical order using the Swatches stacks and/or my Pen stack.

I hope that helps.

how bout a few swatches within site styles ?

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