Switched to rapid weaver 6 and stuff is messing up

For one it refused to take a link to a page… I ended up having to drop it from the page entirely and it never acted up in RW5. Also my “share this” Facebook and twitter buttons now only pick up the entire page and not specific articles on that page. Where as before I places my “share this” button underneath a story and it would capture the story title now it only captures the page title.


  1. Links to pages works without issues, so… need to know what you are using as the link item and exactly how you are linking to the page

  2. RE: Share This, have you updated your stacks that perform this function? Where is the “story” - a blog page type, a stacks page type, etc?

  3. Did you save the project in RW 5.4.1 prior to opening it in RW6.3.8 for modifications to be made correctly?

Without seeing the project it is very tough to troubleshoot based on your description.