Table CSS help needed

(Mathew Mitchell) #1

I am creating some tables in Markdown and using in a website. I have most of the CSS I want to use in place but there’s one part I can not figure out.

Here’s the relevant example table:

If there are folks who are more CSS savvy than me (which is many of you) here’s what I can’t figure out:

  • the top header row is the problem
  • solution 1: header row contains no borders on the sides (vertical) between cells
  • solution 2: header row contains borders (as is) plus a border at the very top

Essentially the problem is my header row does not have a top border and I’ve tried various tweaks but with no success. Any suggestions?

(scott williams) #2

just target the table and add a border-top: X pixels solid

My Guess - What’s going on is that you have the top margin set to -1 which is why you are not seeing it. Make it at least 2 px and you will see it

(Doug Bennett) #3

Scott bet me to it…

(scott williams) #4

a rare occourance indeed…:wink:

(Mathew Mitchell) #5

Thanks to both of you. Yes, the problem was a margin set to -1 that I did not notice. Many thanks!!!

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