Taking over a site - menu bar question

I’m taking over http://www.beatrixost.com/ hosted on Site5 and I have access to the files and the Rapidweaver8 account. I’ve successfully (thanks to reading forum posts) accessed and edited the text in a couple of pages.

I can’t tell whether the Alphas theme will let me widen the menu bar, and the site I’m charged to work is here:

All I’m going to do for now is add and update an events page, and consolidate a few more sales links under the shop. I don’t see much help for these simple tasks, and am about to look through the tutorials. Any advice would be helpful so I can smoothly help my patron.

Alpha is a very old theme and isn’t responsive, so it doesn’t play well on mobile devices. I’d consider switching to a more modern theme if that’s a possibility.

When you say ‘widen’ the menu bar, do you mean increase its height?



Hi Robert,

Thank you for your response! Yes, I meant that I was trying to increase the height. I’ve had a lot of help from Joe, and am, yes, updating to a more modern theme. It’s fascinating to deal with the learning curve after working with Wordpress for a number of years. Thank you for all the help. It seems really challenging to access the editing functions, especially making hotlinks. I feel there must be something I’m not paying attention to.

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Like all programs, RW has its quirks but it’s a great way to build websites and once you spend a bit of time with it, you’ll quickly get the hang of how things like hyperlinks work.


It helped when I realized the editing screen wasn’t fully visible on my small laptop and the editing tools were at the bottom. !!

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