Text Area in Blog Plugin using Depth [Solved]

Hello, All!

I’m trying to use the new Depth theme by @nickcates and am running into an issue.

I use PlusKit to import some Stacks (wrong, I know) in order to put a footer and custom fonts on my RW Blog Plugin pages. I’ve been successful with other themes, but my normal method isn’t working.

Pluskit requires that the import statement be put in a text area of the page. Normally, I declare it in the page sidebar. Depth doesn’t have a sidebar, so the only way it’ll show up is if I put the import statements in each blog post. This method is pretty messy.

I’ve also tried putting the import statements in General > Footer, and overriding the page settings (title, slogan, etc). I even tried creating a blog category with the import statement. No luck.

Any ideas on where I could put the import statement (besides in every blog post)? I’d need a text area somewhere in the blog plugin that isn’t in the posts or sidebar area. Is there a way I can use some HTML or CSS to create a text area?

Solved thanks to Nick!

Dropped the %sidebar% generator tag into the theme’s index.html and I’m all set.

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