Theme crashes RW?


I lost a hard drive and in the ensuing process I upgraded to El Capitan. Since did an update so at 10.11.6

When I open RW6 i see my projects, select one, looks fine. I I hit the preview tab none of my customization is there and then RW crashes. Hmm…

This is a recovered file so could be corrupt.

How do i suck down the site from the server so I have my updated version and presumably all the other stuff?

Awaiting an answer.

When you say recovered file, how did you recover? Did you restore from a backup? Is that how you restored RW? Did you restore the library directory?

To my knowledge there is no way to “suck” Down RW6 from a server?

I reinstalled RW6 onto the new hard drive after migrating a backup a few weeks old. The backup did not have the latest version of the project The project file was “recovered” from the damaged hard drive.

I dont want to ‘suck’ RW :slight_smile:
I wish to try and get the project from the hosting server if possible. I prefer this rather than rebuilding the whole thing from scratch :frowning:


It is not possible to reconstruct an RW project file from the files on your server. Hence the idea of uploading your project file to your server (or somewhere else) as a extra back-up.

You could try doing a save-as in RW before you try a preview, that might work. On some types of corrupted files I’ve had success just duplicating the file on the desktop, but never tried it with an RW project file.

Just curious if you can now create new files in RW without it crashing on preview and if you can open non-corrupted project files from your back-up without a crash on preview?

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RW stores add ons, themes stacks in your library directory did that restore ok?

I would try what David said. I would also open up a new project, use the same theme you are using, and see if RW will preview without crashing.

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found the fix
found that the resource links were bogus so deleted and re added them
theme now stable but still crash message on quitting the program for any reason
reinstalled RW6, updated
no more crash
now I just have to update the local files to mach the web
o well